Box Ladders

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A Box Ladder is a ladder tournament broken down into round robins (boxes). At the end of a period players are regrouped using promotion, relegation and addition of new entries. Our Box Ladder supports many racket sports like Tennis, Padel, Badminton and Squash.

Box Ladders
Box Ladders features

Box Ladders features

  • Select your own group sizes
  • Singles and Doubles
  • Group players at their own level to create exciting matches
  • Specify start and end-dates of your playing period
  • Players will see contact details of their opponents and schedule their own matches
  • Players enter their own results, or the admin can do it!
  • Standings are updated immediately
  • Integrated on, one single platform
  • Results can be fed to the ITF's World Tennis Number
  • Mobile friendly solution, works on any device


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